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We've partnered with security technology experts nationwide.
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What Our Clients Are Saying:
Our Hotel parking lot had been plagued with car break-ins on a weekly basis and we had no surveillance at the time. Jeff Seifert with Pinnacle Digital Surveillance came to us with a detailed system layout and solution to reduce the risk for our hotel property. Pinnacle installed the camera system per strict specifications from the hotel owner while maintaining proper placement of the cameras.

We were able to provide video recordings to the police department who eventually caught the habitual criminal. The number of incidents has been greatly reduced since we installed the system.

As a Regional Manager for other Hotel properties I can say that the best feature of my system is the ability to access the cameras remotely on my laptop when I’m 300 miles away. This enables me to manage my employees as well as track any incidents that may occur.

Working with Jeff Seifert and Pinnacle Digital was not only a pleasure but Jeff was extremely
professional and the install was a seamless success!!

I would highly recommend Pinnacle for any business application.

Leslie Anderson, CHA - Regional Manager and Marketing Coordinator, Portland, OR
This letter is to let you know about our experience regarding Jeff Seifert and Pinnacle Digital Surveillance. Jeff and his team installed 32 cameras in our 13,000 sqft. store. They were very professional, very knowledgeable, and very easy to work with. Every time we have had a problem, either with the system or one that we caused ourselves, Jeff has responded to our needs. We would be totally lost without this system. It has helped us catch and prosecute thieves.

The word is out in the community, "Don't try to steal from Hoy's True Value, because you will be caught".

More importantly to me, it helps me monitor what our clerks are doing at the POS. Anything and everything that looks suspicious can be viewed on the replay. We have had clerks overcharge a customer and we have been able to call this customer back in and refund his money, thus saving face in the community. We have had items come up missing and have been able to find out what happened to them by reviewing the video.

Jeff has kept us updated on all the new equipment that comes out and all the software changes that will benefit us. We recommended him to a restaurant in town and they also installed his system.

I could tell you about many more instances where we have benefitted from having this system and from having Jeff as our representative, but I won't write any more. Please call us if we can help in any other way.

John Mahler, Owner, Hoy's True Value Hardware
We upgraded our old worn out surveillance system two years ago and replaced all equipment from another nationally known security company. Pinnacle Digital Surveillance has saved us over $ 7,000/yr in unnecessary maintenance costs.

I am able to remotely view and control all of my PTZ cameras from my laptop in my office or anywhere I have an internet connection. This gives me total privacy and control for managing the exterior portion of the building which houses 520,000 square feet of wholesale merchandise. It also saves me a lot of time not having to go to the guard shack to review any incidents that may occur.

I would highly recommend Pinnacle for any job, big or small! Customer service is top notch!

Roger Hansen, Operations Manager, True Value Distribution Center, Springfield, OR
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